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12" Easy Stretch Bungee Cord 4 Pack

12" Easy Stretch Bungee Cord 4 Pack

by Perfect Bungee®

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The Easy Stretch Bungee Cord is your everyday cord and comes in a 4 pack! Integrated Nylon Hooks that are Glass Reinforced won't scratch or gouge paint or surfaces.

Our bungees are tested to perform in the hottest of enviroments to the coldest of enviroments.

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About This Product

The 12" Easy Stretch Bungee Cord 4 Pack is a versatile and durable product designed to provide secure and reliable fastening and bundling solutions. With a length of 12 inches, these bungee cords offer a compact size suitable for various applications.

Key features of the 12" Easy Stretch Bungee Cord 4 Pack include:

  • UV Resistant: These bungee cords are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without deteriorating or losing their elasticity. This UV resistance ensures that the cords remain durable and reliable even in outdoor or sun-exposed environments.
  • Fuel Resistant: The bungee cords are engineered to resist the damaging effects of fuel and oil, making them suitable for use in automotive or industrial applications where contact with these substances may occur. The resistance to fuel helps maintain the integrity and longevity of the cords.
  • Chemical Resistant: Along with fuel resistance, the bungee crds are also designed to resist other common chemicals. This feature makes them suitable for use in various settings where exposure to chemicals is likely, ensuring their durability and reliability over time.
  • All Weather, All Year: These bungee cords are built to perform in different weather conditions, making them suitable for use year-round. Whether it's hot summer days or cold winter months, the cords retain their elasticity and functionality, providing secure fastening in any weather condition.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The 12" Easy Stretch Bungee Cord 4 Pack comes with a lifetime warranty, demonstrating the manufacturer's confidence in the product's quality and longevity. This warranty ensures that if there are any defects or issues with the bungee cords, they will be repaired or replaced, providing peace of mind to the customers.
  • Made in the USA: The bungee cords are proudly manufactured in the USA, adhering to high-quality standards. This ensures that the product is crafted with precision and attention to detail, meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Overall, the 12" Easy Stretch Bungee Cord 4 Pack offers a reliable, versatile, and durable solution for various fastening and bundling needs. With its UV, fuel, and chemical resistance, all-weather performance, lifetime warranty, and American craftsmanship, this product provides a dependable option for both personal and professional applications.



  • UV Resistant
  • Fuel Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • All Weather
  • All Year
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

*All of The Perfect Bungee's® products can safely stretch up to 2x their original length. This product requires 23ft lbs of force to reach 2x stretch*