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2018+ CanAm Defender Front 6.5in Speaker Pods

2018+ CanAm Defender Front 6.5in Speaker Pods

by SSV Works

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About This Product

Not compatible with 2021 Defender Limited / Limited Max


Experience Premium Sound Quality and Unmatched Customization with SSV Works Can-Am Defender 2018+ Custom Molded Kick Panels

Elevate your off-road audio experience with the SSV Works Can-Am Defender 2018+ custom molded kick panels. Designed specifically for 6.5" speakers, these kick panels are meticulously crafted to bolt securely in the upper foot well, keeping them safely away from your feet. Engineered with a 100% fiberglass construction, these panels ensure optimal sound quality and bass response, delivering unparalleled audio performance on every adventure. Finished in a sleek black texture coat that seamlessly matches factory textures, these kick panels can also be custom painted to perfectly complement your unique color scheme. Rest assured, the SSV Works Can-Am Defender kick panels include stainless mounting hardware and step-by-step installation instructions, making it effortless to upgrade your audio system.

SSV Works Powersports Speakers: Unleash Audiophile-Grade Sound in Extreme Conditions Introducing the revolutionary WP-A6 WeatherProof speakers by SSV Works, designed to redefine your off-road audio experience. Engineered exclusively for Powersports applications, these speakers feature audiophile-grade components that deliver louder, cleaner sound even in the most challenging environments. The 25mm Ti-tweeter creates crisp and brilliant highs, meticulously engineered to be heard outdoors, whether you're wearing a helmet, conquering rough terrains, or enjoying the thrill of the trails. With the tweeter conveniently mounted on the grille, these speakers offer maximum cone travel and output while maintaining a low profile and optimal weatherproofing.

Unparalleled Durability for the Toughest Rides: Unlike traditional marine speakers that are designed for boats, the SSV Works WP-A6 speakers are purpose-built for the extreme conditions you encounter in your Side X Side adventures. These speakers feature an EPDM duo lock gasket that surrounds the speaker, effectively keeping water out and sound pressure in. The EPDM material conforms to any surface and provides an airtight seal, ensuring reliability and performance in direct UV exposure, scorching heat, or freezing temperatures. The Santoprene surround, a 30% lighter thermoplastic elastomer, enhances volume and clarity, delivering exceptional audio even in the harshest conditions.

Robust Design with Innovative Features: The SSV Works WP-A6 speakers incorporate a unique positive lock connector, preventing speaker wire detachment inside the enclosure, no matter how rough the ride gets. These speakers boast 4-ohm impedance and offer a power rating of 60w RMS/120w peak power, ensuring they can handle your music with authority and clarity. With multiple patents pending, you can trust in the cutting-edge technology and innovation packed into every SSV Works speaker.

Kicker KM Marine Speakers: Unleash Full-Range Audio for the Marine Environment Immerse yourself in spectacular highs and midrange sounds with the Kicker KM Marine Speakers. Specifically engineered for marine environments, these 6.5" coaxial speakers deliver a full-range audio experience that will leave you captivated. With a power rating of 195 watts (65w RMS), these speakers offer impressive performance that complements the aquatic setting, ensuring you enjoy your favorite tunes while out on the water.

Customize Your Side X Side with SSV Works Chroma Grille Upgrades: Take personalization to the next level with SSV Works Chroma Grille Upgrades for your WP-A6 speakers. These acoustically transparent mesh grilles come with interchangeable color inserts, allowing you to customize the appearance of your speakers to perfectly match the rest of your ride, your favorite team, or your unique paint scheme. Choose from Red, White, Blue, or Orange color inserts to create a truly personalized audio system that stands out from the crowd. Please note that the Chroma Grille Upgrades are not compatible with Kicker speakers.

When it comes to exceptional audio performance, durability, and customization options for your Can-Am Defender, trust in the experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of SSV Works. Explore the possibilities, unleash the power of your audio system, and make every off-road adventure an unforgettable sonic journey.

Patent: #10117008

2018+ CanAm Defender Front 6.5in Speaker Pods Details


2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Can-Am Defender

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