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2021-2023 Polaris RZR Pro 2-Seater Door Speaker-Pods for Ride Command

2021-2023 Polaris RZR Pro 2-Seater Door Speaker-Pods for Ride Command

by SSV Works

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  • 6.5” Front Door Speaker-Pods w/SSV Works Speakers
  • Plug-&-Play Wiring Kit


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About This Product


Enhance your off-road audio experience with the SSV Works Plug-&-Play 6.5" Speaker Kit designed specifically for the Factory Polaris® RZR® Pro with Ride Command. SSV Works has been at the forefront of integrating audio into side-by-sides, establishing ourselves as pioneers in the industry. With a strong focus on experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T), we have consistently set the standard for UTV audio systems, delivering top-notch performance and reliability.

Experience and Expertise: As the first company to integrate audio in side-by-sides, SSV Works boasts extensive experience and unparalleled expertise in UTV audio solutions. We have continuously pushed the boundaries, introducing groundbreaking features that are now standard in modern audio systems. When you choose SSV Works, you are selecting a brand with a proven track record and a deep understanding of what it takes to create exceptional audio experiences.

Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness: SSV Works has earned its authority and trustworthiness in the industry through years of dedicated innovation, superior product quality, and unwavering customer satisfaction. We have consistently met and exceeded the expectations of UTV enthusiasts, building a reputation as a trusted brand that delivers reliable and high-performance audio solutions for off-road adventures.

Ride Command Integration: If you already have a RZR with factory audio and want to expand your system, our Plug-&-Play 6.5" Speaker Kit is the perfect choice. This kit seamlessly integrates with your existing Ride Command system, allowing you to easily add more audio power to enhance your off-road journeys. Mount the enclosure, connect it to your Ride Command system, and get ready to hit the trail with an upgraded audio experience.

Plug-&-Play Simplicity: Installation has never been easier with our Plug-&-Play design. No soldering, cutting, or crimping is required. Simply bolt down the speaker enclosures, which come pre-installed with high-quality speakers, and connect the vehicle-specific plug-&-play wiring. With our user-friendly installation process, you'll spend less time wrenching and more time enjoying the exhilarating rides in your RZR.

Factory Fit and Finish: We understand the importance of maintaining the factory aesthetics of your RZR. Each SSV Works kit is purpose-built to match the factory styling, ensuring a seamless integration that makes it appear as if the audio system came straight from the factory. Our enclosures are meticulously designed to fit with precision, delivering a clean and professional installation.

Trail Ready Durability: SSV Works' audio components are built to withstand the harshest off-road conditions. We know that sand, dust, water, and snow are part of your favorite trails, so we have engineered our products to be truly weatherproof. Ride with confidence, knowing that your SSV Works audio system can endure the rugged terrains and challenging environments, all while delivering premium audio performance that enhances your adventures.

Patent: Our dedication to innovation is evident in our patented technologies. Patent #10117008 showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of UTV audio systems and introducing advanced features that take your off-road audio experience to the next level. When you choose SSV Works, you are choosing a brand that continuously strives for excellence and brings cutting-edge technologies to the forefront.

Elevate your audio experience and ride with confidence by choosing the SSV Works Plug-&-Play 6.5" Speaker Kit for your Factory Polaris® RZR® Pro with Ride Command. Discover the power of superior audio performance, easy installation, and durable construction that are the hallmarks of SSV Works. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the thrill of upgraded audio in their off-road adventures. Trust the brand that has redefined UTV audio and let SSV Works be your companion on every trail.

*SSV Works Door Pods are compatible with the factory doors, or SDR aftermarket doors. For SDR door compatibility, brackets are required, purchasable direct from SDR 

2021-2023 Polaris RZR Pro 2-Seater Door Speaker-Pods for Ride Command Details


2020, 2021, and 2022 Polaris RZR

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