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2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro Kicker 3-Speaker Plug-&-Play System for Ride Command

2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro Kicker 3-Speaker Plug-&-Play System for Ride Command

by SSV Works / Kicker

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  • 6.5” Front Door Speaker-Pods w/Kicker Speakers
  • 10" Subwoofer-Enclosure with Kicker Comp RT Subwoofer
  • Phase EQ Amplifier with Pre-Mounted Direct-Fit Amp Mounting Plate
  • Plug-&-Play Wire Harnessing for your Ride Command System

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About This Product

Experience the Ultimate Audio Enhancement with the Plug-&-Play Kit for Factory Polaris® RZR Pro Ride Command® Systems by SSV Works. As the pioneering company that revolutionized audio integration in side-by-sides, SSV Works brings unparalleled experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) to redefine the standard of UTV audio systems.

Compatible with both the factory doors and SDR aftermarket doors, SSV Works Door Pods offer seamless integration and versatility. They provide the perfect platform for transforming your Polaris® RZR Pro into an immersive audio haven without compromising the functionality of your vehicle's doors.

From the outset, SSV Works has been at the forefront of innovation in audio systems. With their plug-&-play kit solutions, they have eliminated the need for complex soldering, cutting, or crimping during installation. Installing the kit is a breeze - simply bolt down the speaker enclosures with the pre-installed speakers, connect the vehicle-specific plug-&-play wiring, turn the key, and you're ready to go. Designed for effortless installation, SSV Works ensures that you spend less time on technicalities and more time enjoying exhilarating rides.

SSV Works takes pride in delivering factory fit and finish for every kit. With meticulous attention to detail, each component of the kit is purpose-built to seamlessly match the styling of your Polaris® RZR Pro, creating a harmonious aesthetic that appears as if it came straight from the factory. The enclosures blend seamlessly into the vehicle's design, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing audio upgrade.

Built to endure the rugged off-road environment, SSV Works' audio components are trail-ready. With true weatherproof ratings, they are engineered to withstand the harshest riding conditions. Whether you're conquering sandy terrains, braving dusty trails, navigating through water crossings, or embracing snowy landscapes, SSV Works ensures that your audio system maintains optimal performance. So, ride with confidence, knowing that your premium audio experience will endure all the challenges your favorite trails throw at you.

At the heart of SSV Works' Plug-&-Play Kit lies their commitment to delivering premium quality audio. The kit includes their patented Phase EQ™ amplifier and Rock 'N Ride™ switch, showcasing their technical expertise and innovative solutions for UTV audio enthusiasts.

Unlike other companies that claim their amps come "pretuned" with basic adjustments, SSV Works' Phase EQ amp stands out with its advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processor) tuning. Each amplifier is precisely tuned to your specific vehicle and audio kit, optimizing the frequencies to deliver unparalleled audio performance tailored to your preferred riding style. This sophisticated tuning process ensures that your favorite audio sounds its absolute best, regardless of the terrain or your riding preferences. By emulating the audio processing found in today's luxury on-road vehicles, SSV Works maximizes the power output and surpasses the performance of larger, seemingly more powerful amplifiers. They prove that superior sound quality is not solely dependent on higher wattage, debunking the misconception that more watts always equate to better or louder audio.

The innovative Rock 'N Ride switch accompanies every Phase EQ amplifier, offering a user-friendly way to enhance your audio experience. This patented switch seamlessly fits into your standard rocker switch location, granting you effortless control over multiple audio profiles.

When you're ready to hit the trail, select the RIDE mode, and the amplifier will dynamically process the audio to compensate for wind and engine noise. It also intelligently boosts frequencies that may be lost due to wearing a helmet, ensuring an energizing and immersive listening experience within the cab as you tackle the off-road terrain.

Once you're back at camp, switch to the ROCK mode to activate a profile specifically tuned for optimal sound quality outside of the vehicle. This tailored setting provides the fullest sonic experience, delivering exceptional audio performance while you relax by the fire and savor your favorite beverage.

SSV Works proudly holds US Pat Utility #10,057,669 and Design #D796479, exemplifying their authority and expertise in the field of UTV audio. These patented designs showcase their innovative solutions and further establish their trustworthiness as a leading brand.

Upgrade your Factory Polaris® RZR Pro Ride Command® System with the SSV Works Plug-&-Play Kit, and unlock a new dimension of off-road audio enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness that SSV Works brings to every adventure. Elevate your ride, ignite your passion for off-roading, and let the captivating soundscapes accompany you on every thrilling journey.

2020-2023 Polaris RZR Pro Kicker 3-Speaker Plug-&-Play System for Ride Command Details


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