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36" Standard Duty Bungee Strap with Nylon S Hooks

36" Standard Duty Bungee Strap with Nylon S Hooks

by Perfect Bungee®

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The Standard Duty Strap is our bread and butter strap.  This strap stretches easier then our Heavy Duty Strap but is harder to stretch than our Easy Stretch Cords. The SD strap is our "middle of the road".  The SD Strap features 2 - Nylon S-Hooks and the strap its self is made out of our proprietary FlexaPURE® material. 

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About This Product

The 36" Standard Duty Bungee Strap with Nylon S Hooks is a versatile and durable product designed to provide secure fastening and binding in various applications. It is built with several features that enhance its performance and longevity.

The bungee strap is UV resistant, which means it can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without deteriorating or losing its elasticity. This feature makes it suitable for outdoor use, as it won't easily degrade or become brittle under the sun's rays.

Additionally, the strap is fuel resistant, making it ideal for applications involving fuel or petroleum-based products. It can withstand contact with these substances without degrading or losing its strength, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

The bungee strap is also chemical resistant, meaning it can withstand exposure to a range of chemicals without suffering damage or deterioration. This feature makes it suitable for use in industrial settings or environments where contact with chemicals is likely.

With its all-weather and all-year capabilities, this bungee strap is designed to perform consistently and reliably in various weather conditions. Whether it's rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, this strap will maintain its strength and elasticity, ensuring a secure and dependable hold.

Furthermore, the product comes with a lifetime warranty, which demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in its quality and durability. In the event of any manufacturing defects or issues, the warranty ensures that the strap can be repaired or replaced, providing peace of mind to the customer.

Lastly, this bungee strap is proudly made in the USA, which indicates that it is manufactured with high-quality materials and adheres to stringent production standards. The "Made in the USA" label often represents a commitment to craftsmanship and durability.

Overall, the 36" Standard Duty Bungee Strap with Nylon S Hooks is a reliable and versatile product that offers UV resistance, fuel resistance, chemical resistance, all-weather performance, a lifetime warranty, and is proudly made in the USA. It is an excellent choice for securely fastening and binding items in a wide range of applications.



  • UV Resistant
  • Fuel Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • All Weather
  • All Year
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

*All of The Perfect Bungee's® products can safely stretch up to 2x their original length. This product requires 42ft lbs of force to reach 2x stretch*