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Add-on 6.5in Speaker Pods for SSV Works WP Overhead Series Systems

Add-on 6.5in Speaker Pods for SSV Works WP Overhead Series Systems

by SSV Works

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  • Cage-Pods with Dual-Band Clamps (choose size)
  • All Mounting Hardware
  • Plug-&-Play Harness
  • Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

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    About This Product

    Experience the ultimate convenience and performance with the Plug-&-Play Speaker Kit from SSV Works. With our extensive experience and expertise in the field of off-road audio, we have designed a solution that guarantees a hassle-free installation process, superior factory fit and finish, and unrivaled durability, earning us the reputation for being authoritative and trustworthy.

    Plug-&-Play Simplicity: Say goodbye to complicated installations that require soldering, cutting, or crimping. Our Plug-&-Play Speaker Kit is meticulously engineered to be as user-friendly as possible. With pre-installed speakers and easy-to-use vehicle-specific plug-&-play wiring, you can effortlessly bolt down the speaker enclosures, turn the key, and hit the trails. Spend less time wrenching and more time riding, thanks to our commitment to delivering a seamless installation experience.

    Factory Fit and Finish: We understand the importance of preserving the factory aesthetics of your vehicle. That's why each kit is purpose-built to match the factory styling with seamless precision. When you install our Plug-&-Play Speaker Kit, it will blend seamlessly with your vehicle's interior, looking as if it came straight from the factory. Enjoy an audio upgrade without compromising the original design of your vehicle.

    Trail Ready Durability: Off-road enthusiasts demand rugged and reliable equipment that can withstand the most challenging riding conditions. Our audio components are specifically engineered to excel in the off-road environment. Whether you're tackling sand dunes, navigating through dust-covered trails, splashing through water, or conquering snowy terrains, SSV Works' audio components will deliver premium sound quality without faltering. Trust in our products to provide the perfect soundtrack to your off-road adventures.

    Customize Your Kit: We believe in giving you the freedom to personalize your audio system to match your unique style. Our Plug-&-Play Speaker Kit comes standard with changeable Grey Speaker Grilles. However, when you add this kit to your cart, you'll have the opportunity to further customize your order with a range of vibrant colored speaker grilles. Choose from Red, White, Blue, or Orange to add a touch of personality to your kit and vehicle. Express yourself while enjoying exceptional audio performance.

    Patented Innovation: At SSV Works, we continuously push the boundaries of audio excellence through innovation. Our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions is reflected in our patent #10117008. When you choose our Plug-&-Play Speaker Kit, you're not only investing in a product that has been carefully designed and crafted, but you're also benefiting from our commitment to driving innovation in the industry.

    Elevate your off-road audio experience with the Plug-&-Play Speaker Kit from SSV Works. With our unmatched experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, we guarantee a seamless installation process, factory-like fit and finish, exceptional durability, and the freedom to customize your kit. Enjoy the thrill of the trails without compromising on audio quality. Choose SSV Works and redefine your off-road adventures.

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    Polaris RZR

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