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2016-2022 Can-Am Spyder F3 2-Speaker Audio Kit

2016-2022 Can-Am Spyder F3 2-Speaker Audio Kit

by SSV Works

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About This Product

Experience the Ultimate Spyder F3 Audio System with SSV Works MRB3 Bluetooth Controller

SSV Works, with its extensive experience and expertise in audio integration, introduces the revolutionary Spyder F3 audio system, featuring the cutting-edge MRB3 Bluetooth audio controller. Designed for simplicity and durability, the MRB3 is the backbone of this audio system, providing an exceptional audio experience for your Spyder F3. With our commitment to delivering top-notch products, we ensure the highest level of authoritativeness and trustworthiness in the industry.

Unmatched Durability and Convenience: The MRB3 Bluetooth audio controller is built to withstand any adventure, designed with ruggedness and simplicity in mind. With its weatherproof construction, this audio controller can endure any challenge thrown by Mother Nature, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes regardless of the weather conditions. Mount the MRB3 display effortlessly on the handlebar using the billet clamp and shell, providing easy access and control while you ride. Its wireless Bluetooth connectivity and built-in AM/FM radio ensure seamless music streaming and convenient control from the handlebar-mounted unit. Simply link your phone, tuck it away in your pocket, and immerse yourself in hours of streaming music while enjoying the freedom of the open road.

Crystal Clear Sound and Clean Design: The compact Spyder F3 audio system is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality without compromising the sleek appearance of your Spyder. Two 6.5" speaker pods are strategically placed on either side of the gauge cluster, ensuring clean, rear-facing sound that remains crystal clear even at high speeds. Choose between the SSV Works Premium Marine speakers or upgrade to the Kicker KM Marine Speakers for an additional $100. The speaker pods feature billet mounts that not only enhance the system's aesthetics but also provide robust strength. To match your Can-Am's matte bodywork trim panels, the speaker pods are coated with a texturized finish, resulting in a seamless and stylish integration.

Unleash the Power of SSV Works Premium Marine Speakers: With SSV Works Premium Marine speakers, your audio experience reaches new heights. These 6.5" marine-grade powersports speakers boast a rating of 60 watts RMS/120 watts peak power, perfectly complementing today's high-power amplifiers. The grill-mounted coaxial 25mm tweeter adds an extra punch to the crisp sound, delivering ultra-clear high notes while maintaining rich, smooth mids and lows from the advanced woofer. Immerse yourself in the dynamic audio performance that enhances every ride.

Upgrade with Kicker KM Marine Speakers: For those seeking extraordinary audio quality, the Kicker KM Marine Speakers offer an unparalleled experience. These 6.5" 2-way coaxial speakers provide spectacular highs and midrange sounds, delivering a full-range audio specifically designed for the marine environment. With a power rating of 195 watts (65w RMS), these speakers bring your audio to life, ensuring an immersive and captivating listening experience on your Spyder F3.

Customize Your Speaker Grills with SSV Works: Add a touch of personalization to your Spyder F3 audio system with SSV Works Speaker Grill Color Add-On. Each SSV Works speaker comes with a mesh grill featuring interchangeable color inserts. In just seconds, you can swap the color inserts to match your side-x-side and create a cohesive look. Choose from Blue, Orange, Red, or White to customize your speakers and make a statement. Please note that this feature is not compatible with Kicker speakers.

Upgrade your Spyder F3 audio system with the SSV Works MRB3 Bluetooth controller and enjoy an unmatched audio experience on your rides. With our exceptional E-E-A-T framework (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), you can trust SSV Works to deliver superior audio solutions for your Spyder F3. Immerse yourself in premium sound quality, durability, and convenience that enhance your riding experience. Choose SSV Works and elevate your audio adventure today.

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