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Clutch Kit for Wildcat XX (0-3000') Stock Tires

Clutch Kit for Wildcat XX (0-3000') Stock Tires

by Trinity Racing

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  • Excellent all around use
  • Designed for trail, mud, sand, & hauling
  • Increases low-end & mid-range torque
  • Increases low-end smoothness
  • Eliminates harsh engagement of clutches
  • Eliminates belt slippage
  • Provides better back shift/down shift
  • Improves throttle response
  • Reduces clutch temperature
  • Heat resistant DUMAX drive belt increases strength 30% compared to OEM and other aftermarket belts
  • Kit includes belt, springs, and weights
  • See below for more details and specs
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About This Product

Clutch Kit for Wildcat XX (0-3000') Stock Tires

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Wildcat XX with our Expertly Crafted Clutch Kit for Stock Tires (0-3000')

Are you ready to take your Wildcat XX's performance to the next level? Look no further than our meticulously engineered Clutch Kit, specifically designed for Wildcat XX vehicles equipped with stock tires and operating at altitudes ranging from 0 to 3000 feet. Whether you're hitting the trails, conquering mud, maneuvering through sand, or hauling heavy loads, this high-performance clutch upgrade is tailored to elevate your off-road experience in every way.

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

With years of experience and unmatched expertise in the field of off-road performance enhancements, we are proud to offer our Clutch Kit for the Wildcat XX. Our team of dedicated professionals has poured their knowledge and passion into crafting a product that exceeds expectations. Countless hours of research, development, and testing have gone into perfecting this clutch upgrade, ensuring it meets the demands of off-road enthusiasts like you.

Designed for All-Around Excellence

Our Clutch Kit is engineered to excel in all types of off-road conditions, making it the perfect companion for trail riding, mud-slinging, sand dune adventures, and heavy hauling. No matter the terrain, this kit is designed to optimize your Wildcat XX's low-end and mid-range torque, delivering increased power and enhancing low-end smoothness. Get ready to experience a whole new level of performance that will leave you thrilled and eager for more.

Eliminate Harsh Engagement and Belt Slippage

Say goodbye to the frustration of harsh clutch engagement and belt slippage. Our Clutch Kit is meticulously designed to eliminate these common issues that can hinder your off-road performance. With our precision engineering, you can enjoy a smooth and seamless power transfer from your Wildcat XX's engine to its wheels. This means improved control, precise handling, and uninterrupted power delivery, allowing you to tackle any obstacle with confidence.

Unleash Your Wildcat XX's Potential

Unlock the true potential of your Wildcat XX with our Clutch Kit's ability to provide better back shift and down shift capabilities. This advanced feature allows your vehicle to effortlessly adapt to changing terrains and conditions, ensuring optimum performance in every situation. With improved throttle response, you'll experience instant power at your command, allowing you to dominate the trails and conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Reliable and Trustworthy Performance

We understand the importance of trust and reliability when it comes to off-road performance upgrades. That's why our Clutch Kit includes a heat-resistant DUMAX drive belt, renowned for its exceptional durability and strength. Compared to OEM and other aftermarket belts, our DUMAX drive belt boasts a 30% increase in strength, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of off-road adventures with ease. Rest assured that every component of our kit is built to last, providing you with peace of mind on every excursion.

Complete Kit for Optimal Performance

Our comprehensive Clutch Kit includes everything you need to achieve optimal performance on your Wildcat XX. It comes complete with a high-quality drive belt, carefully selected springs, and precisely calibrated weights. Each component is thoughtfully chosen and rigorously tested to ensure seamless compatibility, reliability, and maximum performance with your stock tires.

Unleash the Wildcat XX's Potential with Confidence

Equip your Wildcat XX with our premium Clutch Kit and experience a whole new level of off-road performance, control, and reliability. Designed to surpass your expectations in every aspect, our kit will enable you to conquer any trail, tackle any terrain, and surpass your limits. Don't settle for mediocrity – choose our trusted Clutch Kit and unlock the full potential of your Wildcat XX today.

Clutch Kit for Wildcat XX (0-3000') Stock Tires Details


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