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MLC-6 | Muliple Light Controller | Honda Talon 4WD (2019-2021)

MLC-6 | Muliple Light Controller | Honda Talon 4WD (2019-2021)

by Rough Country

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About This Product

Take command of your electronic devices with Rough Country's MLC-6 Multiple Light Controller for Honda Talon. This easy and reliable electrical upgrade allows you to control six auxiliary LED lights or electrical devices with the push of a button. Each kit features a power distribution block\, 6-row switch hub\, mounting hardware\, and high-temperature\, abrasion resistant wiring cables.Rough Country's MLC-6 is a professional quality power distribution system and switchboard for Honda Talon models\, allowing you to add professional control for your electronic devices in an easy-to-install system that doesn't gut your dashboard or force you to splice into factory wiring. This plug-and-play system uses an in-line fused relay allowing you to safely connect up to 6 devices to one of the 6 interior switches with no mess and no fuss.The MLC-6 Power Distribution Block features an integrated LVCO (Low-Voltage Cut-Off) Circuit that detects battery voltage and will cut-off each accessory when the battery falls below operating voltage\, ensuring you always have enough power to turn over your engine. This distribution system also features a 12-position terminal block for hooking up accessories\, five plug-in style 40-amp cube relays\, and 6 ATO style 30-amp automotive fuses for superior power and protection. Includes a 1-year mechanical warranty and 1-year electrical warranty!

MLC-6 | Muliple Light Controller | Honda Talon 4WD (2019-2021) Details


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