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Synthetic Rope | 1/4 Inch | 50 Ft | Purple

Synthetic Rope | 1/4 Inch | 50 Ft | Purple

by Rough Country

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About This Product

Replace your winch line with Rough Country's super-durable 1/4in Synthetic Winch Rope for UTV / ATVs! This 1/4in replacement rope is 50 feet long and rated for up to 7\,000lbs of recovery power! Synthetic ropes yield a far greater strength to weight ratio than steel ropes\, making them more durable and reliable in recovery scenarios. When steel ropes fray they can produce sharp\, painful barbs\, a symptom that is not possible with synthetic rope lines. Plus\, synthetic ropes do not store energy under stress like steel ropes do\, making the safer to operate in the event of breakage.

Synthetic Rope | 1/4 Inch | 50 Ft | Purple Details


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